The most awaited car Prince Pearl by DFSK group has finally launched on 31st January 2020. The booking of this hatchback has started. Prince Pearl is 800cc hatchback and this is a first CKD unit of DFSK group. The booking procedure of this 800cc hatchback is not difficult but the company has set some rules of payment.

How to Book Prince Pearl?

You can book the car from any 3S Dealership of Prince DFSK. The ex-factory price of this hatchback is Rs.10,49000 and the booking price is Rs.350,000. Customers can pay the booking amount through pay order or demand draft company has only accepted these two payment order no other payment method acceptable. The company has also notified the consumers that one CNIC uses for only one booking. Freight charges added separately according to the destination of the consumer.

Documents Require For Individual Booking:

Company has required these documents from the consumer of individual booking:

  • CNIC Copy
  • NTN
  • Original pay order

Documents Require For Corporate Booking:

Company has required these documents for corporate booking:

  • Purchase order
  • NTN
  • Company stamp
  • Original pay order
  • Income tax return file is also required in the shape of active income tax paper.

Note here, the company can change the prices of all its vehicles without notifying any notice to the consumer and the updated price will show to the consumer at the time of delivery. The company has the right to change any specifications of the vehicle beforehand.

The confirmation of vehicle delivery will be confirmed to the consumer at the number giving on the booking time consumer will receive an SMS from the Regal Automobile. The consumer should pay the remaining amount of their vehicle before 15 days of delivery.

Here is all the booking information about Prince Pearl booking. Furthermore, details and updates about the auto industry stay connected with Auto Deals.