The demand for 1000cc cars is high in Pakistan because these cars are affordable and best for the Pakistan roads. 1000cc cars also best for fuel-efficient as we know that petrol prices are very high in our country. The high prices of petrol forced people to move on low engine transmission cars.

In Pakistan, a low-income person prefers less than 1000cc cars and 1000cc cars. According to the local market the sale of 1000cc cars high then the above 1000cc engine cars. PAK Suzuki is one of the best small car production Japanese Auto Giant. PAK Suzuki provides cars in Pakistan for many years and famous in the market as a provider of small cars with fuel-efficient. Here are the best 1000cc cars available in Pakistan auto market:

Suzuki Cultus:


Suzuki Cultus


Cultus is a PAK Suzuki local manufacture and available in the Pakistan market since the 2000s. the demand for Cultus in the Pakistan market is very high because of its best 1000cc car and also best for fuel-efficiency. PAK Suzuki recently changes the design and shape of Cultus and provide a cultus with a fresh look in the local market. PAK Suzuki provides three variant of Suzuki Cultus with a different price tag:

  • Cultus VXR 1,744,999
  • Cultus VXL 1,854,999
  • Cultus AGS 1,974,999

All three variants are available in the Pakistan auto market. The exterior and interior of the new Cultus are amazing and according to the new style and design. As compared to the old shape of Cultus new Cultus demand is very high in Pakistan. Cultus is the best family use car and fuel consumption car. The exterior cuts and curves make a more attractive new cultus.

KIA Picanto:




KIA Lucky Motors recently launched its 1000cc hatchback in Pakistan local market. Kia launch 1000cc Picanto in Pakistan with the competition of Suzuki Wagon R, Suzuki Swift. Picanto is the 3rd car of KIA Motors in Pakistan. Picanto is a perfect car for family use. The design of Picanto is an attractive and new Pakistan market. This is a second time that KIA motor came to Pakistan’s local market and provide its vehicle. Before Picanto, KIA introduces its two-car in Pakistan Grand Carnival and Sportage. Grand Carnival and Sportage boost the sales of KIA motors and highly recommended by the consumers. KIA introduces two variant in Picanto:

Picanto Manual Transmission PKR 1,899,000

Picanto Automatic Transmission PKR 1,999,000

Picanto is the best 1000cc car for family use and also best for Pakistan road.

Suzuki Wagon R:


Wagon R


As we know Suzuki is one of the oldest car manufacturer brands in Pakistan. In 2014 PAK Suzuki launch Wagon R in Pakistan but consumer criticizes as “ugly Tall Boy” with the time consumer realized that the quality and the engine of this car is very good and never disappoint its consumer. Wagon R is K series production and that is very good for fuel-efficient and now Wagon R is the best selling car of PAK Suzuki and demand for Wagon R is very high in Pakistan. Wagon R is an economical car and best car in the 1000cc engine in Pakistan.