The Automobile industry was very affected by the increase of dollar price and this is not good for Pakistan Automobile industry this is a worrying sign for us because the increasing of dollar price will affect automotive industry badly because all foreign investors increase the vehicle price. The increase of dollar price will impact on imports of Pakistan and the vehicle import is badly affected it. The dollar price increase within one day on 29th November dollar price is traded in 134 PKR and the next day dollar price increase 134PKR to 144 PKR and this is a big change for us. The increases of dollar price effect every industry inclusive of the automobile industry.

Toyota Honda and the other foreign investors also increase the vehicle price because of the increase in dollar price. Here is the detail of revised car prices by Toyota:

Car Price revised by the Honda Pakistan:

Car Price -

Pak Suzuki revised prices of its local cars and CBU (s). Here are the revised prices of Pak Suzuki this will came into effect on November 2018.

Pak Suzuki -