A major increase in Prince Pearl prices circulates. A circular was issued by the General Manager Sales and Marketing to all the Prince dealers on 24 June 2020.

It has been stated in the circular that the price of 800 cc Prince Pearl hatchback shall be offered on revised rates. The new rates shall be effective from the 1st of July 2020. The enterprise stated in a press release that the new charge will be Rs1, 149,000 from the preceding quantity of Rs1, 049,000.1200

According to the notice given by the company, the units booked before 3o June will be delivered on the previous price. The company provided the reason for this sudden price-hike that is the devaluation of Pakistani rupee against the US dollar. 

Furthermore, the company stated that the introductory piece was based on the dollar rate of $1*rs155, which has now jumped to $1*rs167. The company further said that it has tried to preserve exchange pressure but clients will agree that current circumstances are far off the company’s control. Below is the official statement that has been published by Regal Automobile about prince pearl prices:

A Major Increase of Prince Pearl Prices!

Pearl Prince was launched in Pakistan on January 31, 2020. The consumers are impressed by the stylish and chic interior of the car. The hatchback has a beautifully designed dashboard that displays a wooden look and an electric power steering (EPS). The exterior of this car is also ultra-modern according to the demands of the customers. The manufacturer has put alloy wheels and fog lamps which is an additional point of this wonderful car. 

Prince Pearl is a small locally produced hatchback that offers excellent features and specifications at a low price. The vehicle has very comfortable cushioned seats that offer a great sitting posture while driving the car. However, the placement of lever and gearbox is excellent in the car which makes it suitable for the driver. The car is manufactured locally so the availability of the components is probable to be very convenient for the consumers. The new prince pearl prices will affect the sale of car temporary but its advance features already attract set its customer’s mind on this 800cc hatchback.

The production of small cars in Pakistan increased the level of our local automotive industry. The growth of the Pakistan auto industry starts after the involvement of several foreign automakers. Vehicles are a common need of every country and our country was included in those where no proper source to manufacture all types of vehicles. Behind the success of our automotive industry, there is a big hand of our automakers.