Great news come from China that a technology service company  Timesaco is going to invest $600  million for the Pakistan public transportation system. The company has a plan to restructure Pakistan’s public transportation system and make it good like the Chinese transportation system.

Last year the same company has introduced a Tatu Mobility an e-transportation system in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and now company has the plan to enhance its investment in Pakistan by introducing Tatu Mobility in Karachi soon.

Timesaco has the aim to structure a digital transportation system for daily commuters. It is helpful for the daily commuters to book their ride or seat in advance and make sure they will reach the workplace at the correct time. The representative of Timesaco has met with the Sindh Government to discuss the official matters and restructure policy for public transportation in Karachi. SWVL already provides its transportation services in Karachi Timesaco is the second largest company that has the aim to provide better public transportation services in Karachi. The company has encouraged other companies to invest in Pakistan and increase profit.

The transportation of Pakistan needs to improve because daily commuters face many issues in traveling within the city. There are already many ride-hailing companies provide their services in Pakistan like Uber, Careem, and Airlift, but Timesaco has the plan to introduce some new digital transportation facilities for the public. the company have to plan to import transportation vehicle from China

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